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I-CLIPS Brain is the core of the FACE cognitive system. It is a rule-based expert system written in CLIPS, a software developed by NASA in 1984. Using an “if-this-then-that” rules structure it is possible to define the behavior and the actions of the android depending on the events that emerge in the social context in which the robot is involved. I-CLIPS Brain processes all the information acquired by the SCENE ANALYZER. The brain employs a high level reasoning starting from these data to deliver an output consisting in which is the most interesting subject (or point) to look at and which is the most suitable expression to show depending on the cause that provokes that choice. Therefore, these rules are not a direct link between sensors and actuators, but can also infer new high level information though reasoning chain that indirectly can tune the drives and the behavior of the robot online and independently. For instance, in the framework of the cognitive system a mood variable has been considered, and it will be modified by the external events changing in turn the behavior of the robot, and so the way in which FACE interacts with its environment and interlocutors.