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FACE Robot

F.A.C.E. (Facial Automaton for Conveying Emotions) is a human android used in a structured therapeutic environment, at the moment for therapies with autistic children.

FACE consists of a passive articulated body equipped with a believable facial display system. The head of the robot is an artificial skull covered by a special skin made of FrubberTM, a particular material developed by Hanson Robotics. FrubberTM is a patented silicone elastomer containing up to 70% air by volume whose mechanical properties allow complex facial movements. The control of the size and distribution of the open and closed air cells in the FrubberTM skin is what allows it to move much like human skin. The fact that it can be moved by small servos with little force makes it useful for humanoid robot faces.

The actuating system of the robot is controlled by a SSC-32 serial servo controller with 32 servo motors which are all integrated in the android skull and neck.